SERP Board is still in beta and things are subject to change

Organic search performance on autopilot

You publish it. We'll index and analyze it.

  • πŸ”₯ Fast and automated indexing of your content
  • πŸ”” Alerts when clicks or impressions are breaking out
  • πŸ“ˆ Monitor when new content and pages start ranking
  • πŸ’‘ Insights on how your content is ranking
  • πŸ•ΈοΈ We'll index your sitemaps, organic impressions and crawl your site

Getting started with SERP Board

Connect Google Search Console

Connect/authorize SERP Board to access your Google Webmaster Tools/Search Console.

Pick which properties you want to analyse and we'll start importing the past 16 months of data and sitemaps

Start Exploring

You can favourite some keywords/terms or pages or just explore your search performance

Explore our content ranking insights. We'll alert you when your terms or pages hit new records, steadily increase or seen for the first time.

Publish Content...

Enable auto-indexing to submit newly discovered content to speed up indexing.

Explore term groupings and where your ranking sweet spots are

What SERP Board does

SERP Board combines Search Console data and our own crawling of your sites. We give you an overview of how your sites are performing in Google's Search Results in a very fast, digestible manner. We will show you trends of keywords and pages, as well as alerting when new content or keywords start ranking or dramatically increase or decrease.

SERP Board overview diagram

Why SERP Board will help you

  • Speed up indexing of new content (automatically) and help get old content indexed (automatically).
  • Show you clicks and impressions over time and compared to previous periods - tell you immediately if you're trending up or down
  • ...we'll do that for each page and keyword, too, so you can measure the impact of your content efforts
  • Alert you to increases or decreases in overall, keyword or page impressions

So what?

  • Free up your time by letting us analyse organic search performance
  • Get measureable insights to where and how to invest in content
  • Get a little dopamine hit when that first new keyword ranks