SERP Board is still in beta and things are subject to change

SERP Board Blog

Release 2024-03-11

A few tweaks made in this release, and a new Insight being generated to highlight when a URL you have requested by indexed gets logged as indexed by Google.


Release 2024-03-08

Small milestone release today as we are now surfacing some Insights on your sites' dashboards. This will flag when pages or keywords get their first impressions or clicks, as well as highest impressions/clicks and other trends. We'll start to deliver these alerts via email soon.


Release 2024-03-07

This release is mainly focussed on the onboarding experience and ensuring all the moving parts are tied together when you connect your properties for the first time.


Release 2024-03-05

We're now crawling your sites when you tell us it's okay to do so. We're also routinely re-checking the indexing status of your URLs. We prioritise checking those URLs that have been sent for indexing, otherwise we'll check sitemap and then crawled URLs.


Release 2024-03-04

We've made a lot of progress wiring up the front end of the site to some of the capability in the back end. You can now request a URL to be indexed from the URL overview page. You can now also tell us if we can crawl your site to discover pages and if you would like the site to be indexed automatically.


Release 2024-02-29

You can now see comparisons of your clicks/impressions on a site dashboard. This is a very glanceable way to see if you are trending up or down week over week.


Release 2024-02-28

We've made some changes to our crawler to better extract URLs from your site. We've also got an initial view on the URLs as listed in your sitemap and if they are indexed or not.


Release 2024-02-27

We will now crawl your website (with some limitations) to discover your URLs to ensure your site is indexed as comprehensively as possible. We'll only crawl your site if you allow it. This is helpful if your sitemap does not include every single page of your site.


Release 2024-02-26

Very small updates today, but we're now routinely checking Google sitemap listings and re-checking URLs


Release 2024-02-25

SERP Board started (and still has) with passwordless signup/login (we email you a token), but that adds a layer of friction to users who are just working on one Search Console account. You can now simply signup via the Search Console authentication process and create an account.


Release 2024-02-24

We're continuing to work on the (re)indexing capability within SERP Board. We've streamlined the backend for submitting new indexing requests to make it easier for you.


Release 2024-02-23

SERP Board is now very able to fetch and analyse organic search data from Google Search Console, but to deliver more value (and consolidated value in one tool), we've added on major functionality to pull in your Sitemap lists from Console and check the indexing status of your URLs.


Release 2024-02-22

Worked on the onboarding flow and toggling on/off sites/properties to be included in analysis.

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Release 2024-02-10

You can now sign up (helpful) and there's a very basic Landing Page detailing the value prop of SERP Board.


Release 2024-02-09

Starting to join everything up and we'll now re-calculate any analysis when we refresh your Search Console data. We're also now linking your default Organisation to your Search Console integration when you connect.