SERP Board is still in beta and things are subject to change

blog Release 2024-02-23

SERP Board is now very able to fetch and analyse organic search data from Google Search Console, but to deliver more value (and consolidated value in one tool), we’ve added on major functionality to pull in your Sitemap lists from Console and check the indexing status of your URLs.

We are now monitoring organic URLs that get clicks/impressions and fetching indexing status of those URLs in your sitemap that are not showing in the organic index. This will highlight unindexed pages.

We have built out the re-indexing submission process but not yet deployed it/made it available.

  • Fetch Sitemap URLS from Search Console
  • Fetch Sitemap URLs data from the sitemap directly
  • Ability to check indexing status of URLs (deployed to check those in sitemaps)
  • Identify URLs in your sitemap that are not indexed (organically or by confirming in indexing status)
  • Ability (not deployed) to submit pages for indexing using service account approach